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For over 45 years Hydroacoustics Inc. (HAI) has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique high power, broadband, low frequency underwater acoustic sources based on continuous wave and impulsive source technology. Our products include Hydroacoustic Low Frequency (HLF) sources, Diver Interdiction Systems (DIS), and Aquaculture Predator Protection Systems (APPS).

HLF systems have been serving a vital role in support of anti-submarine warfare for decades. HAI has delivered a number of DIS systems to worldwide militaries to combat the threat of underwater terrorists.

HLF Sound Sources - Hydroacoustic Low Frequency (HLF)

HAI is the leading provider of HLF sound sources.  HAI offers numerous HLF configurations serving a wide variety of commercial and military markets.  HLF transmitters are capable of emitting continuous wave or impulse wave signals thousands of miles. Applications for HLF sources include; communications, seismic exploration, oceanographic data collection, ocean surveillance and many more.  

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Homeland Security - Diver Interdiction System (DIS)

The underwater threat posed by terrorist divers can present a serious risk to maritime assets located in ports and harbors or at anchor. HAI offers both portable and stationary systems. These systems may be integrated into diver detection systems or operate as standalone platforms. Portable systems may be deployed in littoral waters from RHIBs, harbor patrol boats, piers or from ships. At sea, the DIS may be deployed off of the side of the vessel. The DIS releases broadband low frequency acoustic energy which exerts an adverse acoustic bio effect on the suspected terrorist diver/s at a substantial distance from the diver causing the diver to surface at a safe distance where they can be apprehended. 

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Aquaculture Predator Protection System

The aquaculture industry is proliferating throughout the world.   In some areas the economic output of the aquaculture or aquafarming industry, exceeds that of the commercial or wild fish industry.  Pinnipeds, mainly sea lions and seals, are causing significant economic losses to this portion of the industry. Pinniped interactions with fisheries and aquaculture facilities occur throughout the world.

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Energy and Oil Production - Oil Recovery Tool (ORT)

HAI has identified domestic oil production as an industry ripe for successful translation of our acoustic source technology-specifically within the rapidly growing area of enhanced oil recovery (EOR). We are currently in development of the Oil Recovery Tool (ORT), an acoustic source-based down-hole tool for increased oil production and prolonged lifetime of existing wells. The ORT also has the potential for indirect reduction of the environmental footprint of the EOR operations through increased performance and yield per well.

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