The Greenest Barrel

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No drilling. No chemicals.

Leveraging HAI’s background in acoustic technology to create the Oil Recovery Tool (ORT), a robust, reliable and replicable improved oil recovery (IOR) technology.

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30%+ more oil

Currently operating in mature Permian Basin waterflood, data from an ongoing project has shown a 30%+ increase in daily oil production after accounting for other factors. A single ORT deployment has the potential to add over $2.7m in revenue from increased production in the field over the life of each ORT.

Oil rig technicians deploying HAI oil recovery tool in upstream oil production environment

Industries we serve

For over 50 years, Hydroacoustics Inc. (HAI) has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique high power, broadband, low frequency underwater acoustic sources based on continuous wave and impulsive source technology.
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A long-established supplier for the United States Department of Defense, our hydroacoustic technologies and systems have been serving a vital role in support of submarine operations for decades.

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Our energy products leverage our defense industry technologies and experience, and include the Oil Recovery Tool (ORT) and marine seismic mapping technology.

Lower carbon intensity achieved through patented technology

Cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions are vital to the advancement of global prosperity. We develop technology that helps bring the world lower carbon energy.
  • The Oil Recovery Tool reduces the carbon intensity of upstream oil operations
  • Decision makers who apply environmental, social and governance considerations to oil production analysis can identify the Oil Recovery Tool as a growth opportunity

A world leader in developing, testing, and commercializing products that utilize low frequency sound

HAI has unmatched experience in the development of low-frequency acoustic technology that can be deployed globally.