Marine Seismic Mapping

Mineral Deposits and Marine Resources

Our systems have been used in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe for various experiments and marine seismic mapping and research.
Shipboard marine seismic research control center

HAI is the creator and manufacturer of the Multipulse system, a seismic transducer capable of extremely low frequencies and high SPL output.

Our omni-directional systems have fully controllable waveforms to maximize power in the frequency range where it is useful, and minimizes noise where it is not.
Gasoline tanker truck

The Multipulse (MP)

The Multipulse is an advanced low frequency system designed as a direct competitor to airgun arrays. Just one or two MP units produce the power equivalent of an airgun subarray. Precision sensors and control technology are used to produce a clean and continuous signal, opening the doors of possibility for more advanced geophysical processing capabilities.