Celebrating 50 years of innovation

HAI began in 1972 as a spin-off based on acoustics research initiated at Harvard University and further developed at General Dynamics Corporation.

For 50 years, Hydroacoustics Inc. (HAI) has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique high power, broadband, low frequency and underwater acoustic sources based on continuous wave and impulse technology. HAI has been awarded over 50 U.S. and foreign patents.

Dedicated to improving our national military defenses through innovations in
acoustic technology

Our systems have been serving a vital role in support of submarine operations for decades.

Today, HAI offers fully integrated design, manufacturing and testing capabilities that include specialized mathematical analysis and modeling, on-going research and development, procurement, quality control and assembly, and both in-lab and customer-site calibration. We can also provide computer performance modeling, engineering and design support for broadband acoustic sources, and hardware and services support.

HAI maintains in-house and customer-site maintenance and repair capabilities, and can develop specialized products for specific customer applications for both military or commercial requirements.

Gasoline tanker truck

Reducing upstream carbon intensity

Acoustic source technology applied downhole

To maximize value from each well, our patented technology is used to increase oil production from existing wells and lower upstream carbon intensity.
Supporting responsible oil production, our Oil Recovery Tool (ORT) is a robust, reliable and replicable improved oil recovery (IOR) technology that requires no drilling and no chemicals.