Oil Recovery Tool


The Oil recovery Tool adds a new option to improving oil recovery in mature fields.
  • Patented design
  • Operates independently, or in conjunction with, existing well stimulation and improved recovery technologies
  • Initial test of current design in 2018
  • Currently operating in mature Permian Basin waterflood
Product diagram for HAI's Oil Recovery Tool

Cost Effective

The Oil recovery Tool is a cost-effective option to improve oil recovery, increase injectivity, and prolong the life of a field.
Increased Oil Recovery

Data from an ongoing project in the Permian has shown a 30%+ increase in daily oil production after accounting for other factors.

Increased Oil Reserves

Net reserve additions per ORT installation of 100,000-190,000 barrels over ten years.

Prolonged Field Life

The ORT allows operators to prolong field life by increasing oil recovery, booking additional reserves, and delaying P&A liabilities.

Increased Injectivity

Data has shown a 200% improvement in injectivity of the well that ORT has been employed in and improved injectivity in at least 3 injection wells within a 1-mile radius.